If you’re new to waxing or considering if waxing is right for you, Kitty Kat Wax Studio would like you to consider the following benefits of waxing.

WAXING – a natural way to remove hair and feel exfoliated and smooth.

LESS IRRITATION – No razor bumps!

NO STUBBLE – smoother skin for weeks.

NO SCARS – No nicks, just smooth baby skin.

HAIR GROWS BACK FINER – hair is being removed from the follicle.


Laser vs. Waxing

Laser hair removal is more costly than waxing, and the technique may not recognize fine, blonde hair or hair on darker skin, and waxing will leave you feeling smooth and does not discriminate your skin color. Laser hair removal is actually “hair reduction” which means you may still need to get waxed to enjoy benefits of smooth skin with no irritation.